Our Facebook Ad Audit Checklist - 20 Advanced Techniques You Might Be Missing

  1. Is user-generated content being used somewhere in the creative?

  2. Are you using customer reviews in your ad copy?

  3. Are you running square videos?

  4. Is your product taking up at least 40% to 50% of your ad image?

  5. Are there unanswered comments or questions, or very negative comments on your ad??

  6. Is there a discount being used at some point in the funnel? You should be testing this.

  7. If you have an ad set that was once successful, but you killed it because it burnt out, have you tried duplicating it and running it at a lower budget to give it new life?

  8. Have you introduced new ‘prospecting’ audiences based on dynamic pixel actions?

  9. Are you trying broad match dynamic product ads using interest targeting?

  10. Have you split you dynamic product ad time windows? 

  11. Do you have too high of an audience overlap?

  12. Have you tried value bidding?

  13. Have you tried a bid override to inject life back into a burnt out account?

  14. Are you advertising to previous customers?

  15. Have you tried product bundling on your site to bring up the AOV?

  16. Are you remarketing to engaged users - social engagers, video view audiences?

  17. What does your age report breakdown look like and have you used this information in your targeting?

  18. What is your Add to Cart to Purchase ratio?

  19. Have you tried campaign budget optimisation?

  20. Do you have consistent naming conventions set up in your account?

This post was inspired by an episode of the incredible podcast - Ecommerce Influence with Andrew Foxwell and Austen Brawner.

Jessica Healy