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Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Every single one of our consultants has been through the most advanced Facebook and Instagram ad training there is. We offer a combination of incredible targeting strategies and high performing creative to deliver results.

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Google Ads

Our lean and efficient model of setting up Google Ads means you can try this out without a long term commitment, or high ongoing costs. We also make tracking your campaigns simple and easy.

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Training & Workshops

Some agencies are reluctant to reveal their best secrets. Not us. We can pull together exactly the right team for your digital marketing training or workshop needs, and help turn your ideas into powerful digital campaigns.


Social Advertising Creative & Design

We know what it takes to create ads that not only get people’s attention, but compel them to act.

Our team can pull together incredible animated video ads, striking image ads and ‘thumb-stopping’ carousels without busting your budget.

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Google Analytics & Insight

We put analysis at the heart of everything we do, and our team are extremely experienced as well as qualified by Google to deliver and report on your Google Analytics.


Facebook & Instagram Advertising

We offer advanced acquisition and retention strategies for fast-growing companies. Facebook & Instagram Ads are now one of the best channels for demand creation and direct response. But they can also be the biggest way to waste money, very fast!

Our team are experts in this channel and have undergone advanced Facebook and Instagram advertising training. We have years of experience running both large (£100k/month) and small Facebook ad campaigns to drive profitable growth for our clients.

We know how to make the most of Facebook’s incredible targeting algorithms to find the best possible prospects for your business, and we understand what makes a killer ad and landing page to ensure you drive the action you want at every stage in the funnel.

Working simultaneously across a number of clients means we can apply learnings from one account to another - something you can’t do when you go it alone!

We can set up or audit your tracking, to make sure we understand every step in your buyer’s journey from awareness to purchase.

Retargeting set-up

Our proven methods of designing, testing and optimising retargeting funnels means you won’t be leaving money on the table when it comes to turning prospects into customers, and nor will you be wasting money advertising to people who have already bought, or seen too many of your ads. We know how to show people the right message at the right time to get them to take action.

Account audit

We offer a robust auditing service where we spend 2-6 hours looking under the hood and come back with a report on where you are going wrong, and where the opportunities are. This includes an action list for your team to act on right away. Typically we see clients gain 30-40% increased ROI after implementing our suggestions.

Google Ads

We first set up Webtopia out of frustration with the way search marketing agencies operate. We had run large scale multi-million pound accounts for large and small businesses for a decade and never found an agency that could do things better than we could in house. But small businesses don’t always have the resource for this.

Most agencies either charge a percentage of media spend or a monthly retainer - neither of which is good for small businesses and startups who have smaller budgets but need to be flexible. Small businesses become the lowest priority of large agencies, with work done by most inexperienced staff.

Webtopia is different. We charge for the time we spend on your account, which is ultimately decided by you. The initial set-up takes a bit of time, but an account that is set up well requires a lot less day-to-day management than many agencies would have you believe.

Our typical Google Ads package requires one day of our time to set up, and only a few hours per month to service.This makes it an affordable channel to test, even if your budgets are low. If the channel works for you, you can reinvest and scale the account.

We don’t ask for any long term commitment giving you total flexibility.

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Training, Workshops & Strategy

We enjoy nothing more than the challenge of transforming businesses and ideas into incredible, purposeful brands with powerful stories and the traffic to match. It takes the perfect blend of informed strategic thinking and wild creativity to deliver effective digital marketing performance.

With access to experts in all areas of digital marketing, we tailor the team to meet your needs, and only bill you for the time you need them. Experience the wisdom of our strategic experts who understand your sector. Book a ‘power-hour’, group sessions, one-on-one coaching and in-person consulting.

We offer

One-on-one coaching and consulting
In-person trainings and online tutorials

We structure our consulting services to suit all shapes and sizes.

Some of the workshops we have run for clients

Introduction to SEO
Content Strategy
Website planning
Facebook Ads Manager
Google Analytics Training

Social Advertising Creative & Design

The Facebook algorithm now prioritises ads that people like, share and watch. Literally. It is no longer possible to force viewers to watch ad content they don’t enjoy.

We know what it takes to create advertising that consumers love, that drives action and engagement.

We also know that startups and small businesses don’t have big budgets go produce fancy ads.

Our team of talented freelancers can pull together incredible animated video ads, striking image ads and ‘thumbstopping’ carousels without busting your budget.

Google Analytics & Insight

We put analysis at the heart of everything we do, and our team are extremely experienced as well as qualified by Google to deliver Google Analytics.

We also know a lot about Facebook analytics, an expanding alternative or compliment to Google’s Tracking. We can help you to navigate the complexities and ensure you get the data you need to take the right action for your business.

We can help with the following

Setting up Google Analytics tracking, reports and Dashboards
Google Analytics Training
Setting up Facebook pixel tracking, product catalogues and more
Attribution Analysis
UTM tracking