VC-backed sustainability fashion startup Thrift+ needed to scale up for their next investment round.

The challenge

Overhaul their paid advertising to allow them to scale their customer acquisition and lower their cost per acquisition.

The results

We were able to scale the total customer acquisition by 10X, acquiring over 600 new customers consistently every week - while also lowering their average cost per acquisition. This allowed Thrift to hit the numbers it needed and demonstrate traction in the market.

The Strategy

By rapidly testing Google Ads and running Facebook audience and ad copy and creative testing, as well as better use of Facebook custom audiences and lookalikes, we were able to create a traffic system that delivered the results that Thrift needed.

What the client saiD

“Brilliant. We asked for Jessie's help to overhaul our paid media strategy for Her work had an immediate impact; increasing customer traffic and conversions far beyond what we were expecting”.