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Totter & Tumble

Totter & Tumble is an eCommerce company selling luxury children's playmats designed to complement fashionable interiors.


Totter & Tumble wanted to increase their online D2C sales and scale - the company is currently a 'single-product brand' - therefore they needed the lowest possible cost per sale in order to cover COGS and still make a healthy margin.

The results

We have been running ads for Totter & Tumble for six months and have achieved a lifetime ROAS (return on ad-spend) of 15.41 across the funnel. Incredibly - the ROAS for cold traffic is 9.96.

The Strategy

We tested Google Shopping, Google Ads and Facebook retargeting first. Google Ads showed initial promise and Facebook& Instagram ads was so efficient we then launched a prospecting campaign to cold traffic, to huge success.

Through our system of continued audience testing, ad format testing, copy testing and creative testing we were able to identify winning ads and audiences that allowed us to scale the spend. We tested bid strategies, optimisation goals and different product imagery - using our deep knowledge of the 'mum audience' to come up with ideas for targeting.

What the client saiD

“The team at Webtopia have allowed me to scale way beyond what I ever thought possible. Having Jessie and her team in charge of my digital advertising has freed me up to focus on other parts of my business. If you want to grow your eCommerce business, get experts involved. I am so glad we were lucky enough to find Jessie.”